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‘Nice Cop’ subverts detective movie genre

The film features Lou Jung as a home loving, cheerful New York cop. His conventional, gentle and cynicism free approach to the job has left audiences stunned.

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Posted: Jan 3rd, 2014
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Pretty Woman devotee admits massive disillusionment with Rochdale prostitution scene

will do a full 'Julia Roberts' for a fiverAn ardent fan of the 1980’s movie Pretty Woman has today admitted that her life as a ‘sex worker’ has so far failed to live up to its on-screen portrayal.

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Posted: Dec 4th, 2012
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Dam Busters dog renamed ‘Cuntface’ for movie remake

'Dam' also thought too sacrilegious; replaced by 'Dyke'‘You just can’t have a modern movie shown in the US with a dog called the N-word,’ said writer Stephen Fry. ‘Instead I decided that ‘Cuntface’ had the right melange of wit and edginess.’

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Posted: Jun 13th, 2011
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After 10 viewings, couple finally understand ‘Inception’

‘Why couldn’t they have made the whole thing as simple as ‘Titanic’?’ said Jack, who has watched ‘Memento’ on DVD more than 50 times without understanding it.

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Posted: Aug 9th, 2010
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Couple split after misunderstanding over ‘5-tissue movie’

‘Cassie said she hadn’t watched a good 5-tissue movie for ages, so I was off to Blockbuster like Usain Bolt,’ said Aaron. Sadly his choice of ‘Jism-Drinking Chingford Vixens’ wasn’t quite the type of tear-jerker she’d had in mind.

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Posted: May 9th, 2010
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