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Nokia unveil N0-M8s; the world’s first ‘Smart Human’

completely hands free‘Customers with the No-M8s implant will be capable of remembering dates and talking to other ‘End users’ verbally as long as they are within range, all without the use of a handheld device.’

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Posted: Feb 19th, 2012
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Music industry declares victory over home taping

After 30 years of bitter struggle, music industry representatives today claimed victory for their campaign ‘Home taping is killing music – and it’s illegal’. No C90 tapes at all have been sold at WH Smiths this year

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Posted: Nov 23rd, 2011
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Downloading industry threatened by rise of new ‘physical media’

the future has arrived‘Overnight we’ve seen these kids deserting their Bit Torrent clients in droves, and hitting the record shops to buy these ‘CDs’ and ‘DVDs’. I don’t know what the world’s coming to.’

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Posted: Jul 18th, 2010
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