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Alternative therapist sacks Red Indian spirit guide for being useless

turned out to be just a bit kitsch, reallyA reflexologist from Glastonbury has fired her Red Indian spirit guide ‘Starhawk’ for being ‘a bit crap really’, after a 35 year working partnership. Ellie Farrell had first discovered the identity of her spirit guide at a new age fair in Weston-Super-Mare two years ago; ‘A psychic artist did a pastel drawing of him. Obviously, I was delighted to know I had a genuine Native American guiding my soul through this life, but to be honest, he did look a bit twee and kitsch, like that ‘crying Pierrot’ painting, but with a head dress and mauve aura.

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Posted: Apr 28th, 2009
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Moderate Native Americans defend Manhattan/Beads deal

A split has opened up in the campaign by Native Americans for historical compensation after descendants of East Coast Indians have defended the infamous real estate deal that swapped the island of Manhattan for some beads.

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Posted: Dec 16th, 2008
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