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International Federation of Accountants to strike off Oskar Groening

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) announced today that recently convicted War Criminal and Bookkeeper Oskar Groening will be struck off and told he will no longer be able to legally practice as an Accountant/bookkeeper.

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Posted: Jul 16th, 2015
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Hit men to target escaped town planners

Now that their hunt for Nazi refugees has drawn to a close Mossad has offered to track down escaped town planners from the 1960s.

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Posted: Dec 30th, 2014
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Grammar Nazis apprehended in Fourth Reich plot

ve haf vays off making you talk properA national calamity was narrowly averted today when police arrested a secret group of Grammar Nazis in an underground classroom.

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Posted: Aug 18th, 2014
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ISIS celebrates becoming top lazy political analogy

anyone with other views considered 'worse than Hitler'Islamic State, the militant Islamist group formerly known as ISIS, is celebrating the news that it has officially overtaken Nazi Germany as the standard comparative device for evil used on internet discussion forums.

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Posted: Aug 14th, 2014
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Conservative Party to adopt new ‘jackboot’ logo in place of tree

SchweinhundsThe Conservative Party has decided to rebrand itself as ‘The Workers Party,’ following poor opinion poll ratings among low-waged workers in marginal constituencies.

They have also been urged by constituency MPs to replace the party’s logo – currently a green tree – because it no longer reflects the party’s aspirations and the leader’s determination to ‘get rid of all this green crap.’

A backbencher has suggested adopting a boot as the party’s new symbol, to suggest sympathy with hardworking Brits who, as a consequence of the global economic crisis of 2008, have had to show resilience and fortitude by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. However, a graphic design consultancy asked to submit some preliminary images said it was difficult to make the bootstraps stand out in silhouette, and suggested the party might prefer to use the more classic outline of a military jackboot instead.

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Posted: Feb 26th, 2014
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