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Garden snail travels record 31.8 miles by air

Research on tagged snails by the University of Coventry’s Dr Brian Harrison has uncovered one snail was discovered near some lettuces and tossed over the fence by Mrs Brown into Mrs Pearce’s garden at number 38. This process appears to have been repeated some 2,000 times until the snail finally came to rest in a school field in Dudley.

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Posted: Apr 21st, 2014
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Man who spoke to his neighbour, says: ‘It’s easy, there’s nothing to it’

neighbours2A man who spoke to his next-door neighbour claims it was easy and that he might even try it again. ‘Some folk say I’m just being modest,’ said Basingstoke resident Charlie Grimshaw, ‘but quite honestly I didn’t really think about it and just did what anybody else would have done in the circumstances.’

Mr Grimshaw and his wife have lived next door to the Wilson family for over twenty years, but until his ice-breaking words last week, they have never spoken.

‘At first I thought there might be a violent reaction,’ Mr Grimshaw said, ‘but we’ve got this ten metre high fence between us, so I felt reasonably safe. You can’t be too careful these days when you’re trying to be friendly.’

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Posted: May 31st, 2009
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Global ‘credit crunch’ blamed for neighbour’s refusal to lend lawnmower

Council worker, Derek Sharp, 48, said he ‘wasn’t prepared to compromise his assets’

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Posted: Mar 22nd, 2008
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