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Call for proper pet labelling after unfortunate tortoise drowning incident

‘I think I gave the game away when I asked if tortoises could swim. How was I supposed to know?”

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Posted: Sep 22nd, 2010
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Surrey magistrates hit couple with first ‘Overly Social Behaviour Order’

old_coupleCharged with whistling in a cheerful manner and failing to erect net curtains.

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Posted: Jan 30th, 2010
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Woman doesn’t freeze to death in house

An elderly woman is reported to have survived ten days of continuous sub-zero temperatures in her own home on a rough council estate in Liverpool.

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Posted: Jan 25th, 2010
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Novelty of hearing neighbours having sex quickly wearing off

They were at it all nightIt was once a source of amusement, surprise and even titillation, but now Coventry analyst Ben Jarman is finding the sexual antics of his new neighbours ‘tiring’ and ‘a bloody nuisance’.

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Posted: Mar 6th, 2009
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