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Nelson Mandela ‘getting a bit racist in his old age’

remembers when it was all fields round hereReports from the 93rd birthday of former South African President Nelson Mandela say the event was marred by the veteran anti-apartheid campaigner complaining about the number of ‘blacks’ at the party and how South Africa had gone downhill since they ‘let all those darkies take over’.

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Posted: Jul 19th, 2011
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Aung San Suu Kyi tells tabloid press she really isn’t ready to start dating

still holding out for right Milk Tray man to swim across her lake.‘She’s just playing hard to get,’ said Mariana Holt, writing in the Daily Mail.

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Posted: Nov 15th, 2010
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Mandela back in jail after breaking terms of parole

he always knew this day would come‘broke the terms of his parole with a series of unpaid parking tickets’

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Posted: Mar 26th, 2010
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Jeffrey Archer’s prison cell designated a World Heritage Site

first among equalsThe historic cell will be preserved for future generations to see where ‘FF-8282′ began to write his seminal ‘A Prison Diary’.

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Posted: Dec 6th, 2009
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Hypothetical ideal dinner party ends in disaster as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela come to blows again

Police were called to a hypothetical dinner party last night, after Gandhi and Nelson Mandela resumed hostilities as tensions continue to run high between the two top guests on the ideal dinner party guest circuit.

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Posted: Sep 30th, 2009
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