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Arab-Israeli conflict settled as Netanyahu & Hamas meet for ‘a few cheeky pints’

all it took was a decent manly seshBenjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Khaled Mashal last night announced a lasting settlement to the Israeli-Palestine conflict following a night of negotiations over eight pints of Fosters in the Lamb and Flag pub, Walthamstow.

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Posted: Nov 25th, 2014
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Iran on the brink of acquiring wind farm technology, warn experts

concerns that western energy may already be blowing across the borders‘If this proliferation is allowed to continue, it would simply ruin the view from Israel.’

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Posted: Nov 29th, 2011
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Teachers tell Israeli and Palestinian leadership ‘You’re both as bad as each other’

A delegation from the teachers’ union the NUT has met with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, today, to give them a damned good talking to. The hastily convened meeting at St Wilfreds Roman Catholic Primary School in Oman, follows a two week factfinding mission for the union in the West Bank and Gaza.

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Posted: May 9th, 2009
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