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Football manager sacked for ‘poor cliché record’

'Two-balls' Hughton said to feel 'sick as a chocolate frog'‘On paper Hughton looked strong, and he never gave the club less than 110%,’ explained Newcastle owner Mike Ashley. ‘But at the end of the day he’d neither been ‘sick as a parrot’ nor ‘over the moon’ for months. That’s not a great advert for the game.’

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Posted: Dec 7th, 2010
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Newcastle United to have a different manager for each game of 09/10 season

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley insisted his decision to employ 46 different managers next season was ‘entirely sensible football logic’ as the beleaguered club attempts to make an immediate return to the Premier League following relegation.
‘We had four last season and it wasn’t enough to save the club, but we’ve learned our lesson and, with the morale boost and upturn in results a new manager always brings, I can’t see how this can fail,’ claimed Ashley.

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Posted: Jun 22nd, 2009
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