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‘Putin and I are in love’ claims Murdoch

Robert Murdoch has announced his undying love for Russian President Vladimir Putin, only hours after announcing his split with Wendi Deng, his wife of 14 years.

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Posted: Jun 15th, 2013
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Rupert Murdoch emerges as preferred bidder for lucrative NHS contracts

texting the PM about this right nowRupert Murdoch has emerged as the leading candidate to secure lucrative contracts providing services to the National Health Service. The surprise announcement followed the recent restructuring of the coalition cabinet, with industry observers using their enormous breadth of knowledge on the subject, a degree of intuition, and the fact that Jeremy Hunt’s now in charge of Health to proclaim the move ‘a masterstroke’, ‘timely’, ‘shrewd business’ and ‘gawd ‘elp us all’.

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Posted: Sep 4th, 2012
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Angry mob of MPs at police station, bangs on the roof of redhead’s prison van

Though many of the protesters are former associates of one-time Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, with some even being convicted expense fiddlers and dodgy document forgers themselves, the shamed redhead’s crimes have provoked fury even among the MP community.

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Posted: Jul 17th, 2011
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Rupert Murdoch launches subscription-only dreams app, The Nightly

Dream+ system will pause everything if you need to get up for a wee‘Premier league’ dreams include running through treacle as you try to flee from a sinister, all-powerful media presence

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Posted: Feb 6th, 2011
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