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Porn ‘the only 1970s technology that turned out well’

A government think-tank set up to review technological advances has declared that almost all technologies for which great predictions were made in the 1970s – such as flying cars and robot butlers – have been disappointments, with the sole exception of pornography.

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Posted: Oct 22nd, 2014
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Motorcycle News goes out of print as porn mag sales dwindle

Motorcycle News, for many years the wrapper of choice for covering up purchases of adult magazines, is set to cease publication early in 2013 on news that sales of top-shelf publications have reached a new low.

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Posted: Jan 5th, 2013
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Olympics fan sets new record for collecting Sunday papers from newsagent

celebrations set to go right through into Mo-nday‘I concentrated on carb-loading the previous night,’ said Mo, describing his achievement to the BBC’s Phil Jones. ‘Pizza and chips washed down by an enviable six pack while I watched the sprint relay was perfect.’

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Posted: Aug 12th, 2012
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London customer converses with newsagent after 14 years of buying milk

It is the first time Mr Trantor and the shopkeeper have exchanged any words besides ‘Eighty-nine pence please’ or ‘Sorry, I’ve got no change’.

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Posted: Aug 10th, 2010
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