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Government’s disdain for the NHS is not yet complete

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed that, despite the progress made by his department, the country’s National Health Service is only held in utter contempt by the Government currently, and not yet complete disregard. As a result, he and his colleagues are set to redouble their efforts to royally piss off everyone that actually cares about NHS care, in an effort to provoke a reaction that the rest of the cabinet can pour scorn upon.

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Posted: Nov 25th, 2015
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Taxpayers’ Alliance demand a stop to ‘frivolous’ NHS maternity provision

The former Secretary of State for Defence, former Shadow Foreign Secretary, former Shadow Secretary of State for Health, but most of all former GP, Liam Fox has today announced that the NHS should no longer provide ante-natal, delivery, or post-natal care.

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Posted: Oct 8th, 2015
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Obese man wins right to McDonalds bypass

I'm swervin' it Gastric band built around local branch

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Posted: Aug 21st, 2015
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Surgeon admits ‘YMCA’ was a poor choice of music for operation

The medical team danced around the operating theatre, miming the letters of the song’s title at every chorus.

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Posted: Aug 5th, 2015
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‘Jeremy Hunt shouldn’t work any days at all’, say doctors

National Self ServiceThe British Medical Association warned today that standards of patient care were being put at risk by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt repeatedly travelling to his office and making fumbling attempts at doing his job.

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Posted: Jul 21st, 2015
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