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George Osborne to bring back Rickets‏

Benefit deductible, so everyone wins!As he rolls back public finance to the 1930s, the Chancellor has announced a return to a golden age of austerity this week.

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Posted: Dec 26th, 2014
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NHS to become online-only

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has calculated that the NHS could save billions if it operated as a computer model, like the Matrix, instead of as a real-world service trying to treat sick people in 3D.

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Posted: Oct 18th, 2014
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Travelodge to bid for NHS accommodation contract

Following the suggestion that NHS patients should be charged £75 per night for bed and breakfast the beleaguered hotel chain Travelodge has offered to take the contract on at far lower cost.

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Posted: Oct 7th, 2014
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Doctor’s receptionists now better qualified than doctors, says NHS

‘It can be embarrassing at times,’ said one patient, ‘having to remove my trousers and underpants in the waiting room so that the receptionist could see the suppurating pustules on the end of my knob.’

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Posted: Sep 30th, 2014
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Challenging day for Dr Christian as his mum appears on Embarrassing Bodies

Diagnosis: Run Away!!!‘He just clammed up and looked very strange as soon as I started explaining about my thick smelly discharge.’

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Posted: Sep 27th, 2014
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