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Microsoft buys Betamax

Microsoft has bought Betamax, hoping to steal a march on more successful rivals such as Apple and Samsung. Having dismissed the internet as ‘a passing fad’, and countered the threat of tablet computers by putting wheels on a PC, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, is keen to get the company back on track.

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Posted: Sep 4th, 2013
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Nokia unveil N0-M8s; the world’s first ‘Smart Human’

completely hands free‘Customers with the No-M8s implant will be capable of remembering dates and talking to other ‘End users’ verbally as long as they are within range, all without the use of a handheld device.’

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Posted: Feb 19th, 2012
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Nokia criticised for new flick-knife/mobile phone hybrid

Consumer groups have hit-out at Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia’s latest release, the sharp-phone. The model includes a retractable 5-inch blade, which flicks out on pressing * followed by the # key.

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Posted: Feb 24th, 2010
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Advertisement feature; The Classic Mobile Phone Charger Display Unit

Still got that Nokia 3110 charger from 1997? Your visitors will be filled with nostalgic amazement to see it once again.

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Posted: May 18th, 2008
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