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‘Squashed Satsuma and Some Walnuts’ is this year’s top Christmas must-have

extra nut to be included in next year's upgradeEager shoppers are setting up camp outside greengrocers along the length and breadth of the country today in order to be first in the queue for the release of this year’s must-have Christmas gift: a squashed satsuma and some walnuts.

‘2013 is the year of nostalgia,’ believes Julia Franklin of Frankiln’s Festive Supplies. ‘Nothing beats the magic, after tossing aside the rest of your presents, of reaching down to the bottom of your stocking, pillow case or, increasingly these days, bin liner, to find the remnants of a small citrus fruit smeared over a walnut. It knocks your Playstation 4 into a cocked hat – cocked paper hats being another top seller this year.’

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Posted: Dec 3rd, 2013
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New digital radio provides ‘authentic hiss’ when owner more than an arm’s distance away

Citing the earlier public nostalgia for the crackles and pops of vinyl that accompanied the CD boom, the developers of DAB digital radio claimed to have re-created ‘the genuine wireless experience’ with a new feature that causes marginally intolerable hiss when a radio is left unattended.

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Posted: Jun 23rd, 2009
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