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Gun lobby calls for iPod ban to improve public safety

The American gun lobby is demanding a ban on iPods after a three-year-old boy mistook a gun for one – and shot both his parents.

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Posted: Feb 2nd, 2015
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Republicans stand firm against learning from own mistakes

In the wake of yet another senseless accidental shooting in the US, Republicans have urged the American people not to give in to self-reflection or common sense. After a two-year old shot his mother in an Idaho supermarket, gun lobbyists have claimed that sensible gun ownership and handling must be taught from an earlier age.

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Posted: Jan 2nd, 2015
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3D printer creates world’s first artificial serial killer

also available from Argos, soon‘Once it was possible to print a 3D plastic gun, it was the next logical step to print a 3D plastic serial killer.’

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Posted: Dec 23rd, 2014
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NRA pledges to give every African child a gun by 2018

The National Rifle Association has committed itself to alleviating ‘firepower poverty’ in the developing world. ‘There are children who’ll grow up without ever knowing the comfort of holding a warm firearm if we don’t take action now,’ said NRA spokesman Brent Maples.

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Posted: Dec 18th, 2014
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Riots as US runs out of bullets

US citizens just dar gone ran outa languageAt 1.36 Eastern Standard Time the United States of America officially declared that they had run out of ammo. The ensuing chaos has seen riots and looting in twelve major cities, as a bewildered populace struggle to come to terms with the loss of their favourite past time – shooting classmates, Beatles and ‘anyone who isn’t an albino’.

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Posted: Nov 30th, 2014
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