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Woman who ‘tells it like it is’ actually just rude

Colleagues of the woman in the office who prides herself on ‘speaking as she finds’ and ‘not getting caught up in touchy-feely bullshitting’ agreed yesterday that she is actually mainly just obnoxious.

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Posted: May 19th, 2009
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Office manager ‘pretty sure’ he got away with new wig

Mullins had loudly announced to the staff that he had ‘discovered a new barber’, just in case.

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Posted: Feb 21st, 2008
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Workmates develop intense hatred for colleague with ‘perfect life’ on slideshow screensaver

‘We all have to watch this string of family snapshots that’s designed to show bloody perfect Charlie’s life is.’

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Posted: Nov 29th, 2007
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Leaving card makes little effort to hide workmates’ contempt

Leaving cardSet new record for thinly-veiled hatred from colleagues.

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Posted: Nov 24th, 2006
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Insurance assessor delighted that novelty cuff-links ‘make him a character’

naked cufflinks‘I’m a little bit different from all the other office clones.’

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Posted: Oct 4th, 2006
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