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Isle of Wight opens ‘CodgerWorld’, Britain’s first theme park for the elderly

‘Our centre offers the perfect place to keep the island’s key demographic occupied,’ said founder, Margret Briscoe, ‘and is ideally situated just a short bus ride from Sandown’s glamorous benches, bingo halls and fracture clinic.’

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Posted: Apr 14th, 2011
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Campaign launched to fight for ‘right to become senile’

Soon-to-be pensioners have reacted with disappointment at the increase in the retirement age and are planning a challenge under the Human Rights Act, claiming that the Government is denying them their sacred right to descend into obscurity, social isolation and dementia by raising the retirement age.

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Posted: Jan 17th, 2011
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Police launch grannies decoy plan to cut crime

‘You should’ve seen the look on his face when I straightened up and smacked him round the head with my handbag.’

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Posted: Oct 25th, 2010
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Old people must stop telling people how old they are, says government

Old people must stop telling people how old they are if new legislation on the retirement age is to reach the statute book, a government spokesman has said.

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Posted: Sep 15th, 2010
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‘I won’t let the bureaucrats make me retire!’ declares blind 93-year-old dentist

‘Extremely shaky hands and total loss of vision are no reason to stop practicing.’

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Posted: Jul 9th, 2008
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