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Post-Olympic bike sales increase sees wheelchair manufacturers bracing themselves

Following on from the large increase in bike sales instigated by Team GB’s cycling success at the Olympics, wheelchair manufacturers are bracing themselves for increased production should British Wheelchair racers have a similar level of dominance at the Paralympics.

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Posted: Aug 26th, 2012
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Athlete with two artificial legs ‘was actually a horse’

hoping to prove the nay-sayers wrongAn athlete has today been banned from competing in the Paralympic Games after medical experts became suspicious of his claim to have two artificial legs when photographic evidence showed he still had two legs of his own.

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Posted: Aug 15th, 2012
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Olympic security guards fail ‘trainers are OK’ test

‘It’s hard to get your head round these new rules allowing punters to wear trainers,’ said Darren Bull, a freelance bouncer.

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Posted: Jul 13th, 2012
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