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Story involving Scarlett Johansson features large picture of Scarlett Johansson

The story was quite hard to concentrate on, although it possibly featured a number of less photogenic subjects such as oppressed Palestinians and starving Africans, but ooh, look, there she is again from that rom-com ‘He’s Just Not That Into You,’ the one where she goes skinny-dipping.

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Posted: Jan 13th, 2015
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Isle of Wight coast threatened by huge slick of charity shop tat

slime 'everywhere'It survived the French invasion of 1545 and even the influx of five Polish would-be migrant workers, who were eventually seized and burned at the stake in Freshwater in 2009. Now, however, the pristine coastline of the Isle of Wight is facing its most deadly menace ever after an estimated 500,000 barrels of utterly appalling crap from charity shops leaked from an underground bunker near Portsmouth into the Solent.

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Posted: Jul 21st, 2014
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‘Charity shops may have to open charity shops just to survive’ say charities

The Alliance of High Street Charity Shop Executives has issued a report claiming nearly half its members made a loss in 2012 in the face of dwindling sales and rising costs, and found that opening a charity shop might be the only way some charity shops can survive.

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Posted: Dec 22nd, 2012
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Oxfam commends Nigerian princes for their generosity

Oxfam has publicly given thanks to generous Nigerian princes who share vast sums of wealth via online transactions with European professionals.

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Posted: Nov 19th, 2011
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Big Society permits killing of chuggers, says Cameron

David Cameron has announced that, as part of the Big Society, British citizens will be allowed to kill any student on minimum wage who accosts them in the street, pretends he is working for Save the Squid and treats them as their greatest friend on Earth.

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Posted: Mar 28th, 2011
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