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Page 3 models refuse to wear ‘women’s rights’ campaign t-shirts

In an attempt to show how they feel about the lack of progress made by women’s liberation groups, Page 3 models up and down the UK have decided not to wear t-shirt supporting the cause.

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Posted: Oct 23rd, 2012
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The Sun’s new Page 3 girl speaks

‘I think the paparazzi should leave the Royal family alone,’ says cute Kate, 30, from Cambridge.


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Posted: Sep 14th, 2012
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Sun editor butchering my feature copy, complains Page 3 stunna Katie-Jo

Sun columnist Katie-Jo, 23, from Leicester has complained that the paper is still confining her to the ‘News in Briefs’ column, despite her nuanced, wordy style being better suited to two-page features.

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Posted: Aug 20th, 2011
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‘The Sun has lost it’ declares The Sun

News International retreating to the sofa to watch a lot more SkyThe Sun Newspaper today switched allegiance away from itself saying it had alienated its readers and was therefore left with no other credible choice but to urge its readers not to buy The Sun. The switch comes after a series of howlers and embarrassing gaffes, dating right back to a complaint from an Argentine widow about the misspelling of ‘Gotcha!’

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Posted: Nov 12th, 2009
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