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Scientists research into Lib Dem ‘wobble’ shows applied left and right forces

it's just life in a gaited communityLurching from left to right, the Lib Dem ‘wobble’ has baffled scientists for years. Finally, research conducted by Penguin watchers at London Zoo may have unlocked the key to this seemingly inefficient party’s means of mobilisation.

Electronic plates were installed in the corridors of Westminster and BBC studios to measure the level of lurch to the left or right. As Lib Dems trod these paths, scientists were able to gauge how a Lib Dem politician propels himself in political life.

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Posted: Mar 17th, 2015
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Penguin admits cycling to win 100 km ‘march’

‘I’ve got really short legs, even for a penguin’

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Posted: Jan 20th, 2015
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Ken Loach to direct ‘Happy Feet 3: The Heroin Years’

‘The kids are just going to lap up the combination of singing, dancing and intravenous injection of hard drugs,’ said film critic Mark Kermode.

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Posted: Jan 13th, 2012
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