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Ancient cave graffiti confirms man’s obsession with drawing moustaches on things

cavemen apparently loved knob gagsA medieval hunting forest in rural Essex has given up its secrets to a team of archaeologists this week after six caves, previously hidden for millennia by tree growth and fallen rock, unveiled an impressive collection of ancient drawings and ‘hilarious graffiti’.

The prehistoric doodles prove that man has enjoyed scribbling moustaches and novelty eye-patches on other people’s work for ‘thousands of years’.

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Posted: Nov 24th, 2013
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Kent man wins ‘Cock Drawing of the Year’

Jon Veitch, a 43-year-old QA inspector from Kent, has beaten thousands of others to win Cock Drawing of the Year. Veitch’s simple, pencilled rendition of the male genitalia on 80 gsm plain white A4 paper won him plaudits from the judging panel, who hailed the iconic nature of the piece for its fluid lines and sparsely haired balls.

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Posted: Nov 3rd, 2013
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Three-quarters of my penis is still technically ‘virgin territory’, brags Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson today abandoned any pretence that he is ashamed of his manhood, and in a series of press conferences refused to talk about anything other than his own penis.

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Posted: Oct 4th, 2013
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‘Prune-like’ wet fingers evolved to wank off dolphins, reveals scientist

A scientist who specialises in aquatic mammal research has discovered that ‘prune-like’ human fingers encountered when wet almost certainly evolved’ to better provide hand relief to dolphins.

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Posted: Jan 14th, 2013
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Penis wins top design award

The penis has won the highest accolade at the annual British Design Awards. Simon Cardwell, president of the Design Council, said ‘It’s time to recognise the penis as a design classic that’s never gone out of style’.

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Posted: Dec 15th, 2012
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