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Huge interest at rare auction of Range Rover without personalised number plate

An extremely rare Range Rover, believed by experts to be the only one in the UK without a personalised registration, is due to go on sale at auction today.

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Posted: Nov 28th, 2011
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Woman found in possession of Range Rover without personalised number plate

Police pulled up a Range Rover in Sevenoaks yesterday for not having a personalised number plate and issued the driver with a fixed penalty notice. The driver Jane Smith, 43, surprised police by saying how grateful she was for having the major social faux pas pointed out to her. ‘I can’t thank the police enough. I had been ostracised by all my friends for some time and have been in therapy as a result…’

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Posted: May 26th, 2009
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Personalised postcodes to include ‘B1G 80Y’ and ‘S3XY 0NE’

In a new plan to generate increased profits, the Royal Mail is to take a leaf out of the DVLA’s vanity licence plate business and enable the public to change ‘functional but drab’ post codes to ones that express their individuality and character through a personalised range. The new customised post code register is to include name-based entries such as J1M5 GAFF, ‘cheeky’ codes such as H0T L1PS or F15T M3, and a range of more discreet codes that pundits have said could be popular with parents keen to avoid difficult questions about how exactly their address falls into the most popular schools’ catchment areas.

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Posted: Feb 5th, 2009
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