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Royal photographer slams Met pics

The noted fashion photographer, who took the gorgeous engagement pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William, said the royal footage was ‘of unacceptable poor quality for pics of people very close to Camilla and Prince Charles.’

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Posted: Jan 5th, 2011
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Newspaper editor campaigns to eliminate blurred photos of murder victims

public urged to carry a decent portrait at all timesAn increase in the number of fuzzy photos of murder victims has prompted a newspaper editor to appeal for members of the public to carry a decent quality photograph in case they die in a newsworthy way. When Jan Harvey was brutally killed by a gang in Moss Side, Manchester, her partner Alan Tebbings was naturally devastated. But what made it worse for Alan was that he realised he didn’t have a good photograph of Jan to give to the local newspaper.

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Posted: Nov 10th, 2009
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NASA to sue Snappy Snaps over blurry Mars photos

‘Half of the photos had little oval stickers on them making out it’s our fault.’

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Posted: Jun 3rd, 2008
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