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Man killed by Taser offered ‘too much resistance’, claim police

‘The coppers at first remained static while attempting to charge the man who they suspected of battery, and did not see the situation’s potential to spark such a shocking result.’

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Posted: Aug 28th, 2011
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Physicists struggle to explain existence of IKEA space-time continuum

Leading physicists have conceded that they may not yet know enough about the nature of the universe to explain the existence of IKEA, after a couple entered the Gateshead store and emerged two hours later with a bag of tealights, some Swedish meatballs, and having aged forty years.

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Posted: Apr 4th, 2011
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Government to regulate scientists with regional accents

Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts has written to further education establishments in England and Wales requesting that as part of their science courses they introduce mandatory modules on communication skills and elocution.
One government spokesman said the growing trend for ‘normal’ accents is ‘undermining the gravitas and integrity of British science and must stop right now.’

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Posted: Mar 21st, 2011
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Binatone’s version of Large Hadron Collider set to go on sale

product launched on QVCProduct launched on QVC.

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Posted: Feb 19th, 2011
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Chinese hack into Stephen Hawking

celebrated physicist discovered 'whopping great big black hole' in US-Sino diplomatic relationsSuspicions were raised after the professor recently postulated on the infinite expansion of the universe, the origin of matter and the need for an arms boycott of Taiwan.

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Posted: Sep 17th, 2010
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