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Man defrosting his freezer discovers ‘Pre-History Channel’ peas

hidden behind chicken legs from the Pre-Cameron eraScientists have dated the peas all the way back to 1992, following extensive carbon dating and looking at the ’best before’ date.

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Posted: Sep 9th, 2012
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Playstation identity thieves discover Playstation owners have no identity

Unhappy hackers revealed today that there was no point to their stealing the personal data of thousands of pastey faced, black T-shirt wearing 14-34 year old males, because they could barely muster one identity between them.

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Posted: Apr 28th, 2011
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Sony launch ‘disappointing present’ game for PS3

Sony today announced the release of their much anticipated ‘disappointing Christmas present’ game for the PS3 games console in time for the Xmas market. The game promises to be an exact replication of the Christmas morning experience of getting a longed-for present which proves to be ultimately a little bit of an anti-climax.

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Posted: Dec 22nd, 2010
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Catarrh Hero launched in time for recurrence of ‘flu virus

WiiiiiiiGame charts the player’s progress from a dry throat to the full-blown cold.

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Posted: Jan 19th, 2010
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Government recognises ‘Modern Warfare 2′ syndrome

the burden of having do a spreadsheet can become 'overwhelming'Online support is being offered by the charity Help for Zeroes.

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Posted: Nov 17th, 2009
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