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‘Drunk Tanks’ to replace Government ‘Think Tanks’

won't remember a thing about his new initiative in the morningThe Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has suggested that by monitoring the ‘alcohol induced’ ramblings of the ‘average Geordie’ in a ‘drunk tank’ Ministers could be provided with a range of inspired policy ideas.

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Posted: Sep 18th, 2013
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Abu Dhabi ‘had dinner at No 10′

tradesmen's entrances all over the placeAn arab businessman, Mr Abu Dhabi, had a sumptuous dinner at Number 10 Downing Street before being offered a cut price deal on shares in the Royal Bank of Scotland, it has emerged.

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Posted: Mar 26th, 2012
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Government to merge roles of drug csar and dance csar

The latest round of government spending cuts has seen former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips combine the roles of dance csar and drugs csar, spearheading a confusing new anti-dance pro-drugs campaign, ‘Just Say Paso Doble’.

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Posted: Oct 20th, 2009
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