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Scientists claim 2013 may have shortest February on record

predictions made after consulting horoscopesResearchers at the Institute for Applied Theoretics, in Basel, France, claim that climate change is increasing the risk of shorter Februaries, and predict that in 2013 the month will be exceptionally short.

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Posted: Dec 8th, 2014
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Indonesia caught ‘hazing’ Singapore

will feel much better in the morningSingapore has complained that it has been coerced by its sportier, more muscular neighbour Indonesia into participating in a series of drinking contests, prank phone calls and something involving a goat.

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Posted: Jun 20th, 2013
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Environmentalists hail Audi’s new SUV with fuel-saving magnetic front bumpers

Campaigners for a reduction in CO2 emissions have warmly welcomed an eco-minded development from Audi. Their latest model, a 3.2 tonne, 6 metre-long SUV badged ‘Q8′, features an optional magnetic front bumper, which can save up to 1% on fuel costs.

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Posted: Nov 15th, 2011
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Radio 4 dumping toxic smugness into nation’s rivers

The middle classes of Britain have today gone into shock after revelations that their favourite radio station, BBC Radio 4, has been secretly dumping thousands of tons of smugness into rivers and lakes all over the country.

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Posted: Oct 15th, 2010
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Massive Oil of Olay slick causing fresher, younger-looking fish

ultra regeneroic acido vitocolics exactly what the fish have lacked since the very dawn of time‘We are working hard to clear up the spill, but on the plus side the local marine life is looking better than ever, especially in the hard-to-reach areas around the eyes, gills and behind the fins.’

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Posted: May 17th, 2010
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