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Catholics ‘despondent’ after Rafael Benitez accepts vacant Pope position

he maka da speech very niceWhite smoke billowing from the Vatican’s Fiorentina End chimney this morning signalled a shock turn of the managerial roundabout at Europe’s top institutions of football and religion.

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Posted: Feb 12th, 2013
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God ‘probably going to call it a day’ as well

God, the Lord Creator of Heaven and Earth, has announced that in the wake of Pope Benedict’s resignation, He too is thinking about ‘calling time on the whole creation thing’.

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Posted: Feb 11th, 2013
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Cheering crowds greet first orgasm since 1993

‘Poor Bridget hasn’t been able to crack one off on her own even in the privacy of her own bedroom in case she goes blind and her hands drop off.’

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Posted: Aug 1st, 2011
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Pope withdraws from UK at last minute

Pope Benedict XVI last night pulled out of the UK ‘just in time’, leaving both himself and the nation’s Catholics in a state of high excitement.

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Posted: Sep 20th, 2010
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Pope forgot to cancel subscription to Hitler Youth in 1945

Still enjoys the lively discussions on the magazine's letters page‘You know how it is. Unless you remember to opt out of these things they automatically renew your membership, and it’s easy not to spot them on your bank statement.’

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Posted: Sep 16th, 2010
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