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Welsh sex shop window display unchanged for 30 years

A private shop in Swansea has failed to change its window display in 30 years claim residents of the seaside town.

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Posted: Aug 9th, 2015
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Google and Vatican team up to create ‘SoulView’

‘Basically, most internet users are going to Hell,’ said Page. ‘Yes, you, Arthur Bennett of Halifax, searching repeatedly for “hot nurse bending over in short dress”. Or you, Patrick Jenn of Islington, searching for “schoolgirl with big jugs in PE kit”. You people make me sick.’

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Posted: Dec 12th, 2013
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PM unveils curbs on ‘exploitative, degrading, irritating’ Royal baby coverage

determined to shut down access to baby pornEvery household in the UK is to have endless, vacuous reporting of the birth and infancy of the Royal baby blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it, David Cameron has announced.

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Posted: Jul 22nd, 2013
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Daily Mail’s anti-porn campaign gathers pace with saucy summer swimwear shoot

The Daily Mail ratcheted up its campaign today for tighter controls on on-line pornography, by printing a series of bikini shots of young soap stars. The shots of the young bikini-body actresses in barely-there swimwear will pile the pressure on the government to make urgent changes.

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Posted: Jul 5th, 2013
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Daily Mail lists the hate and porn sites you must not visit

Columnist Amanda Platell spent hours visiting dozens of awful porn sites in order to be able to inform readers just how awful they are.

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Posted: May 28th, 2013
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