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Adult entertainment industry mourns death of last man to pay for porn

Adult entertainers throughout the world flocked to a crematorium in south London yesterday to pay their dues to Eric Swell, the last known purchaser of full-price pornography. Germans and Swedes rubbed shoulders in the packed chapel as Mr Swell’s coffin glided through the curtains to the moving strains of ‘slap funk bass incidental 5 – the plumber rings the doorbell’.

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Posted: May 14th, 2013
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‘Hot horny lesbians’ fail to invite balding middle-aged guy to join in

The world of casual troilism was turned on its head yesterday when a slightly overweight middle-aged man was shunned by two lesbians after walking in on them in the middle of a steamy girl-on-girl love-making session at their luxury, brightly-lit home.

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Posted: Mar 22nd, 2013
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‘Imagine a world without free porn’, says blacked-out Wikipedia

Wikipedia's biggest audience everThe organisers of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia have warned web surfers that proposed legislation in the US may take us ‘back to the dark ages’ when it was necessary to pay to see women’s breasts.

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Posted: Jan 18th, 2012
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Porn industry admits: ‘We’ve done it all’

nothing left to get it up for in the morningThe worldwide multimillion dollar pornography industry has today admitted that they have run out of sexual positions, fetishes and fantasies to film.

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Posted: Dec 28th, 2010
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Nation mourns death of last depositor of porn mags in hedges

‘Few individuals have had a greater impact upon the lives of teenage boys,’ said the editor of Escort magazine.

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Posted: Sep 24th, 2010
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