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Al-Qaeda causes panic in West by declaring: ‘We’ve finished our Christmas shopping already’

Terrorist movement al-Qaeda have announced that they have already finished all their Christmas shopping, sparking widespread panic and feelings of doom in the West.

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Posted: Nov 21st, 2010
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96% of all presents ‘a bit wrong’

A Consumer’s survey has revealed that only 4% of the presents opened on Christmas day were exactly what the recipient wanted or asked for. All the rest were either slightly but irritatingly wrong or actually be so completely inappropriate or misjudged that it would have been better to buy nothing at all.

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Posted: Dec 26th, 2008
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Children ‘getting over-excited’ about going to church on Christmas morning

‘It’s the highlight of my year’ said seven year-old Tom

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Posted: Dec 23rd, 2008
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Christmas shopper loses the will to live in Argos

Paramedics were unable to save the shopper, who just wanted to collect a Nintendo Wii.

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Posted: Dec 24th, 2007
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