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Charles ‘may have been sending letters since the 1970s’

In a newly-discovered note to James Callaghan, from 1976 the Prince of Wales: ‘Dear Jim, Please can you fix it for me that mummy abdicates before bloody Halley’s comet comes around again. Sincerely, Charles, age 28.’

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Posted: May 19th, 2015
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Queen to ditch 100th-birthday messages after stamp price hike

‘The cheeky buggers at one’s Royal Mail are trying to charge one 60p a throw to send a quick hello to the old dears who have managed to live through the Blitz, swine flu, dementia and the NHS – they must be having a laugh with one.’

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Posted: Apr 18th, 2012
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Queen’s food taster dead after Prince of Wales omelette

‘He intended the meal to be a special surprise for his elderly mother. No one is sadder about how things have turned out than Prince Charles himself.’

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Posted: Sep 4th, 2011
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