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Palace recalls faulty batch of knighthoods

'What was one thinking?!'Buckingham Palace has issued an Emergency Recall Notice on dozens of honours – including top-of-the-range knighthoods – over concerns that some were issued in error and may constitute a public health risk.

‘Our first priority is public safety’, said a spokesman. ‘This is purely a precautionary measure, and the vast majority of honours are perfectly harmless. For example, if you received an honour for doing something unglamorous and noble, the risks are infinitesimally small.’

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Posted: Jul 15th, 2014
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BMW recalls drivers after safety scare

The luxury car maker said that problems include tail-gating, finger flicking, inability to manage indicators, getting stuck in the overtaking lane, and spontaneous explosions of anger apparently ignited by attempts by other car models to overtake.

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Posted: Jun 23rd, 2011
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Maclaren recalls a million stupid parents

Buggy manufacturer Maclaren has announced the urgent recall of over a million defective parents, who were discovered not to have the basic wit to remove their young children’s appendages from a pushchair before collapsing it.

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Posted: Nov 12th, 2009
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