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British School Disco craze sweeps Beverly Hills

High schools across Beverly Hills are ditching traditional prom nights in their tens as the ‘British Secondary School Leavers’ Disco’ craze sweeps the neighbourhood, it was reported yesterday.

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Posted: Jul 16th, 2014
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Leytonstone mum: ‘Why I photo-shopped my daughter’

picture was originally only suitable for widescreenIt has been described as a moral dilemma no parent wants to confront: whether there are circumstances when you should ‘shop’ your child. But for Leytonstone mum Jaqui Privas, it was the only way to save her 14 year old daughter Viki’s future.

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Posted: Aug 20th, 2011
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Arriving at prom night in dad’s Vauxhall Vectra was ‘post-modern irony’

a fantastic and principled start to adulthood Transport was ‘an ironic post-modern protest against today’s trend for conspicuous consumption, and nothing to do with the price of a stretch limo.’

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Posted: Aug 4th, 2010
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