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Banksy-style stencil packs sent up north to narrow housing divide

DIY stencil packs are being promoted as the answer to the north-south divide after house price analysts have noticed that whenever the mysterious graffiti guerilla artist Banksy spray paints one of his artworks onto the wall of a house, its price rockets almost immediately.

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Posted: Apr 23rd, 2014
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Estate agent who sold his soul disappointed with current market value

What a shame‘I should have read the small print,’ confessed Darren Johnson, 32, ‘but Satan was so charming and persuasive, and he told me I couldn’t possibly lose.’

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Posted: Jul 23rd, 2009
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Court ruling confirms Dorset village’s name ‘is pronounced scrotum’

schroathamAfter months of wrangling between life-long villagers and affluent newcomers, a High Court judge has ruled that the name of the tiny Dorset village of Schroatham should correctly be pronounced ‘scrotum’.

The dispute around the name of the village had originated following an influx of newcomers to the area attracted by newly built executive homes and high-speed rail links. ‘We’ve always called it Scrotum, but apparently it’s not ‘aspirational sounding’ enough for these townies,’ explained villager Jess Bryant, who also reported that as newcomers descended upon the village, there were a number of attempts to influence the accepted pronunciation by loudly and repeatedly referring to the village in the pub and shops as ‘Shroo-tum’, and latterly ‘Shroam’.

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Posted: Apr 19th, 2009
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