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Egypt jails Morrissey after clerical error

Morrissey has been wrongly imprisoned for his role in the arrest and torture of protesters in Egypt, after his name was mistakenly typed into court records. The angst-ridden singer is now spending 20 years in a jail in Cairo where every day really is like Sunday.

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Posted: Apr 22nd, 2015
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Riot police helpless in face of angry, non-confrontational mob

Truncheon-wielding riot police were left helpless in Birmingham yesterday, as they attempted to control a passive-aggressive crowd who gave no indication of what they were protesting about.

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Posted: Oct 6th, 2012
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Safety fears as green protestors assaulted by genetically modified wheat

wheat now able to walk like a triffidThe long-term viability of genetically-modified (GM) crops has been called into question, after members of an anti-GM group were viciously assaulted by roaming wheat columns larger than a double-decker bus.

Protestors broke into the Hertfordshire field where the feisty crop is being grown with the intention of uprooting it and setting it alight, but their plans were thwarted when several bundles of wheat proved to be aggressively self-aware.

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Posted: May 27th, 2012
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Environmentalists receive unexpected support from Thatcherites in bid to close coal-fired power station

Green protestors at a Nottinghamshire power station have received unexpected reinforcement from Thatcherites, who despite being thought to have disbanded have lost none of their contempt for the coal industry.

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Posted: Oct 20th, 2009
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