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Brazilians protest Nadal’s Wimbledon ranking

it's only a knee injury, for heaven's sakeThe All England Club is already considering the use of tear gas and rubber bullets on Henman Hill.

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Posted: Jun 28th, 2014
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Thousands march on Parliament to demand more baby George pictures

The streets on central London today saw one of its largest ever protest marches as activists, unions and ordinary working people demanded more images of the Queen’s great grandson and third in line to the throne crawling, walking and playing with blocks.

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Posted: Jun 24th, 2014
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Police on hunt for MP seen sticking to principles

‘Ms Lucas has been reported flashing her values for all to see,’ said a spokesman for Sussex constabulary. ‘This is a clear attempt to expose the young and impressionable to the concept of duty, solidarity and lentil soup. Clearly she must be stopped.’

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Posted: Aug 21st, 2013
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Spain protests against introduction of controversial ‘day-shift’ working

mananaSpain’s major cities awoke to a series of protests yesterday evening following the announcement that controversial Nordic-style day-shift working was to be introduced in an attempt to enable Spain to earn its way out of its current economic malaise.

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Posted: Oct 4th, 2012
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Cows ‘better off on benefits’ after milk price cut

Cows have claimed they can no longer afford to spend their time grazing and lactating, after the price paid for their milk was cut by 2 pence a litre. Farmers blockading dairies in support of the cows have warned that traditional employment for cattle is fast drying up.

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Posted: Jul 23rd, 2012
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