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World leaders express concern as Liverpool annex Man Utd

it's for the best in the long runLeaders around the world have resolutely condemned the annexation of Manchester United football club by Liverpool FC despite a hastily held referendum showing 95.5% support among the Man U fans for secession to its more powerful neighbour.

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Posted: Mar 17th, 2014
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Russian pole vaulter ‘tried it once, but didn’t like it’

‘Is personal life-style things, so if you choose this way, OK, but you want keep them in separate. If you want do it, go outside by bins.’

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Posted: Aug 17th, 2013
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Gerard Depardieu to remake Green Card

‘Gerard will play a Frenchman who enters into a marriage of convenience with a high ranking politician in a major Eurasian country.’

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Posted: Jan 11th, 2013
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Vladimir Putin launches winter knitwear collection

Exclusively designed by the former President to be ‘warm, manly and timelessly appealing’.

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Posted: Jan 2nd, 2009
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