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Bonfire Night at the Treasury ‘could go on for months’

Bonfire Night at the TreasuryThe bonfire set up at the UK treasury to celebrate Guy Fawkes night could burn for weeks if not months, insiders have revealed. The party, held in the basement, is a traditionally festive occasion with lots of Punch and Judy going on and massive fireworks when Gordon Brown gets told he can’t have another sparkler.

‘It’s wonderful isn’t it,’ said Chancellor Alistair Darling, basking in the warm glow of the fire, ‘we’ve been scooping up lots and lots of cash in preparation and were supposed to burn it all in one go. Then Mervyn turns up with another £25 billion in hundreds of wheelbarrows and now it’ll probably keep going till Christmas.’

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Posted: Nov 5th, 2009
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Government launches new ‘Print Your Own Money’ website

leading economists too busy with their printers to respond to questionsThe government is launching a revolutionary new website that allows people to print their own money in the comfort of their own homes. The Treasury believe that by increasing the money supply in this way, they will be able to boost consumer spending and kickstart the economy. A number of leading economists were surveyed as to whether they thought this radical increase in the money supply might cause hyper-inflation, but all were too busy with their office printers to reply.

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Posted: Mar 29th, 2009
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