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God finally agrees to save Queen

One is with GodAfter years of indecision and holy fights with his conscience, God has finally decided to save the Queen.

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Posted: Nov 18th, 2012
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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee enthusiasts ‘now feeling like twats’

People who backed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations say they now ‘feel like complete twats’. ‘What was all that about?’ said Jack Peters who helped organize a street party and wore a plastic crown for four days.

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Posted: Jun 9th, 2012
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The Wikipedia Guide to HM the Queen

Her Royal Highness Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, or Liz as she is fondly known to her friends, was named after the luxury cruise liner the QEII but she was not actually born a Queen. She used to be a Princess until in nineteen fifty something when her father died.

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Posted: Jun 5th, 2012
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UN stands by as Jubilee is inflicted on nation

In possibly the worst case of its kind in history, an entire nation has had a Jubilee inflicted upon it over an extended period while the rest of the world stood by.

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Posted: Jun 4th, 2012
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Queen’s food taster dead after Prince of Wales omelette

‘He intended the meal to be a special surprise for his elderly mother. No one is sadder about how things have turned out than Prince Charles himself.’

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Posted: Sep 4th, 2011
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