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Rachel Dolezal replaced at NAACP by Ali G

‘We don’t understand how we missed Rachel’s lack of skin colour, but at least with Ali G at the helm nothing could go wrong for this interim period,’ said a NAACP spokesman today

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Posted: Jun 17th, 2015
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NAACP last recruited an African-American in 1964

'Is it 'cos I is white?'Rachel Dolezal attempted to defuse the controversy related to her ethnic identity, by releasing membership data that suggests the civil rights group had solely been comprised of ‘white guys in disguise’ since the mid-60s. The president of the Spokane chapter further claimed that the moon landings were faked, Elvis is alive and that the NRA have no bullets.

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Posted: Jun 15th, 2015
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Horse ‘self-identifies’ as America’s first unicorn

belief is everythingA horse from Spokane, Washington has become America’s first ever unicorn, after ‘self identifying’ as the mythical horned creature. Local officials decided to recognize the animal’s new legal status after it changed its name to Chestnut Rainbow Hooves, much to the delight of local residents. ‘All my life I have felt like a unicorn trapped inside a horse’s body, but finally I am free. I hope my decision will encourage others to come out and embrace their true-selves,’ she said.

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Posted: Jun 14th, 2015
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Racist attack leaves fridge-freezer fighting for its life

The victim, a 25 year old, Indesit 50-50 fridge freezer, is believed to have been visiting friends at Geoff’s Used Appliance store next to the Montag Leisure arcade opposite Poundland, when the assailants, both of brown goods origin, entered the store and confronted the unassuming cold storage combo.

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Posted: Aug 16th, 2013
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