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Well duh, BBC tells viewers conned by show about conmen

viewers can complain via premium rate phone numberThe BBC today responded to allegations that The Real Hustle a show about conmen had attempted to fool viewers by using actors instead of members of the public. ‘The show intends to show the public how frauds work. Well, this is how frauds work,’ said Dawn Garnet, BBC3 Head of Light Froth, before adding with an eye roll, ‘Sheesh’. Outcry over the allegations has led to twos of people jamming the BBC Switchboard demanding to know if other BBC shows are faking it, such as whether Patsy Kensit is indeed a fully qualified healthcare professional. Brian Porteous, a credulous lunk from Romford, told the Mail on Sunday: ‘BBC lies… make brain hurt.’

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Posted: Feb 21st, 2011
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