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Unreality TV ‘will never catch on’, experts conclude

What a lot of effort!It was the surprise minority hit of 2013: stories seen on television that were not actually true in any sense but rather contained in ‘scripts’ produced by ‘writers’ and played out by trained professionals known in the industry as ‘actors’. Sometimes, analysts agree, Borgen even matched Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers for excitement. However, most still dismiss Unreality TV as a passing fad.

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Posted: Jan 5th, 2014
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Mary Berry begins filming gritty new spin-off show, ‘Baking Bad’

compulsive chewingBeloved pastry matriarch and national baking supremo Mary Berry is gearing up to swap her apron and eggs for a gas mask and concentrated methylamine this winter, after the BBC commissioned a gritty new primetime cookery spinoff competition to be titled ‘Baking Bad’.

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Posted: Oct 2nd, 2013
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Mankind growth may be just the tip of evolutionary iceberg

A scientific study has shown that the average European man gained 110mm (4.4′) in height between 1870 and 1980, mainly due to general improvements in health, hygiene and nutrition.

Additional studies indicate that he is also beginning to become less brainy, less hairy and may start growing scales and laying eggs.

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Posted: Sep 3rd, 2013
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BBC autumn schedule to include ‘Paint Dry Live’

The BBC today revealed that its autumn schedule will be headlined by a new fly-on-the-wallpaper documentary providing a unique insight into the process of paint drying.

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Posted: Jun 25th, 2013
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Britain celebrates 60 glorious years in front of the television

June 3 1953 was a very special day for the British people. Most of the millions who sat in someone else’s home squinting at crackling black and white images of the Queen’s coronation could scarcely have dreamed that, 60 years on, this new-fangled invention would have liberated them from the need to interact with any other human being.

‘I remember kneeling on the front room in Mr and Mrs Parker’s next door transfixed by it all,’ says Norman Rice, now a sprightly 72-year-old from Accrington, who watches repeats of Last of the Summer Wine around the clock on Yesterday. ‘Of course in them days people didn’t really get TV etiquette. You just had to put up with the old dears yattering on in the background about the coronation robes and the smell of wee from Mrs Parker’s senile old grandad.’

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Posted: Jun 2nd, 2013
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