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Rosetta to attempt first graffito of a penis in space

Initially it is planned that Rosetta will land a small probe capable of sketching a cartoon cock on the surface ‘as a statement as to the impermanence of life, art and snowballs in hell.’

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Posted: Aug 11th, 2014
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Massive binge leads cultural leaders to call for legalisation of drugs

Branson pickledBranson asked if someone wouldn’t mind popping down to the garage to get ‘some of those crisps in the big green packet’.

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Posted: Jun 5th, 2014
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Branson to build a shed

Industry analysts have identified that the global shed business could be worth billions, particularly as the concept of shed ownership becomes embedded into India and China.

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Posted: Mar 11th, 2014
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Santa to challenge decision to award present franchise to Easter Bunny

promising to run away from franchise at first sign of troubleBearded franchise-holder Father Christmas today strongly criticised the Government’s decision to award the West Coast Christmas Eve present-delivery franchise to his rival, the Easter Bunny.

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Posted: Dec 9th, 2012
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Speeding up judicial reviews ‘could take years’

David Cameron’s plans to reduce the time limits for legal challenges against unpopular Tory policies have hit a snag, with lawyers submitting the first of a long series of legal challenges against the move by demanding a consultation followed by a White Paper, then a public enquiry and a High Court review that should take at least until 2056.

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Posted: Nov 24th, 2012
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