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Ricky Gervais not a bigot, claims dwarf

A high profile dwarf has defended Ricky Gervais against accusations of bigotry, before being pushed over and laughed at by Gervais himself.

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Posted: Nov 17th, 2011
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Dad-of-two collapses during Moyles radio marathon

A father of two was recovering in hospital last night after collapsing 12 hours into an attempt to endure the entirety of the Chris Moyles radio show marathon.

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Posted: Mar 19th, 2011
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Men around the world inspired by new blockbuster ‘Cheat, Prey, Loaf’

at last, a book that can be read with both handsA new memoir is causing a sensation among downtrodden, rapidly ageing men who are being insprired to achieve a state of enlightenment that enables them ‘to arse about all day, not really doing anything’.

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Posted: Oct 2nd, 2010
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