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Latest road signs to display driver’s stupidity as well as speed

system views some manoeuvres as 'neanderthal'Road safety campaigners are celebrating today after the first roadside display sign to show the intelligence of drivers came into operation at a notorious stupidity black-spot on the A40.

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Posted: Aug 26th, 2014
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Safety experts baffled by 100-car motorway pile up

normally have to hurry them upRoad safety expert Pete Mulligan has admitted to reporters that he and his colleagues have so far made no headway in finding someone to blame for yesterday’s multi-vehicle road accident in Kent.

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Posted: Sep 5th, 2013
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Top Gear producers angrily deny any resemblance to Last of the Summer Wine

‘Our programme features three old gits at odds with the modern world who retreat into a second childhood. How on earth is that similar to Last of the Summer Wine?’

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Posted: Apr 8th, 2011
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Drivers ‘ill-prepared’ for clement weather

drivers often stuck for hours in unbearable sweatersThe mild weather hitting large parts Great Britain over the last couple of months has brought the country to a standstill. Britain’s road network has once again ground to a halt, with weather-stricken motorists caught off guard by the sudden arrival of flurries of sunshine.

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Posted: Mar 23rd, 2011
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Government unveils ‘unnecessary road sign ahead’ road sign

Motorists will no longer have to worry about whether to take notice of road signs, after the Government unveils plans to introduce ‘unnecessary road sign’ signs before pointless, irritating signs like ‘Flood’, ‘No giant windmills here’, ‘Thank you for driving carefully through our Village’ and ‘Slow down – children’.

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Posted: Mar 9th, 2011
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