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Chancellor now understands ‘why we cry’

surely just a pilot project which shouldn't be allowed outside NewhamScientists today expressed excitement that the pioneering android Chancellor, Gideon11, may have for the first time experienced something equivalent to human emotion.

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Posted: Apr 17th, 2013
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Mars Rover ‘inconsolable’ after discovering remains of predecessors

NASA’s billion dollar Mars exploration programme was in jeopardy last night after the ‘Curiousity’ Rover began behaving unpredictably, moments after discovering the scattered remnants of previous Mars Rovers.

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Posted: Sep 18th, 2012
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World cup robots programmed to foul, dive and swear at ref

Computer scientists who sought to make their footballing robots imitate the world’s greatest players have come unstuck by creating a team of cheats and pampered super-egos. The programmers set the robots to observe top players from around the world in the expectation that they would copy their soccer skills, but were shocked to see their robots faking injury, demanding higher wages and crashing their sports cars while drunk.

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Posted: Jul 12th, 2011
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Computer scientists create ‘Artificial Stupidity’

‘You tell it to open the door and it pulls the door into its own face.’

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Posted: Feb 27th, 2007
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