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NASA space probe finds evidence of ‘more bloody stars’

even the spacecraft's had enoughNASA today announced an end to all space exploration after the latest set of photographs taken by its Voyager 1 spacecraft, currently exploring the Kuiper Belt on the very edge of the solar system, showed nothing but a bunch of stars that look virtually indistinguishable from those viewed from Earth.

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Posted: Nov 22nd, 2014
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Tension grows as North Korea stand-off reaches Bromley

bromleyLast week’s successful launch by North Korea of a long-range rocket has heightened tensions across a privet hedge in the London borough of Bromley.

When, in a show of solidarity with the communist state, one time Stalinist and Maoist Bert Driberg declared his Chislehurst semi-detached to be part of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPRK), he said he expected some local opposition – but was initially surprised when neighbour Julian Dearlove then declared his house to be part of South Korea.

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Posted: Apr 18th, 2009
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